Annual Report E-File System
Water and Sewer Utilities

The West Virginia Public Service Commission is proud to announce the availability of its new electronic filing system for Annual Reports for Water and Sewer utilities.  Starting with the 2013 reporting year all parties wishing to file reports for Water and Sewer utilities will use this website to register, download Excel 2007 templates and submit completed reports.

If you wish to complete the electronic Annual Report, it is necessary to have Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer software program on your computer.

Start the process by registering with our Annual Report E-File System (ARES).  Once you have completed the registration process you can request access to download templates and submit annual reports for specific utilities and years.  Requests will be reviewed and you will be notified via email when you can proceed.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding gaining access to a template, please contact:

Kathryn Stalnaker
Phone: 304-340-0361

For questions or concerns regarding completing a template, please contact:

Steve Edens
Phone: 304-340-0769

Versie Hill
Phone: 304-340-0870

Alex Kovarik
Phone: 304-340-0358

Laura Leport
Phone: 304-340-0473

Nathan Nelson
Phone: 304-340-0479


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