Maximum Statewide Wrecker Rates

NOTE: The wrecker rates shown in the following table apply only to "third party tows" by those wrecker operators who have not requested and received a Commission approved tariff. This Commission approved tariff applies only to "third-party tow." "Third-party tow" means the tow of a motor vehicle by a wrecker vehicle if that tow is performed without the prior consent or prior authorization of the owner or operator of the towed motor vehicle. The rates for "third-party tows" that have been approved by this Commission may be obtained by calling, toll free, 1-800-344-5113, extension 425.


Case No. 16-0940-MC-GI

By Order issued on July 5, 2017, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia adopted a revised schedule of the statewide maximum tariff applicable to third-party tow operators. The Commission ordered the following:

  1. Members of the West Virginia Towing and Recovery Association are required to adopt the statewide maximum tariff rates. Members will only be allowed to charge the rates found in the statewide maximum tariff.
  2. Tow operators that are not members of the West Virginia Towing and Recovery Association are required to adopt the statewide maximum tariff.
  1. Tow and Go Hourly Rates
    Vehicle Rate per Hour
    Light Duty Towing
    Automobiles (Passenger Cars) and Trucks with Gross Vehicle
    Weight (GVW) of 7,000 lbs. or less

    Medium Duty Towing
    Trucks with GVW of 7,001 to 10,000 lbs.

    Heavy Duty Towing
    Trucks and buses with GVW of 10,001 to 26,000 lbs.

    Super Heavy Duty Towing
    Trucks with GVW over 26,001 lbs.

  2. Mileage Rules
    Vehicle Rate per Hour
    Light Duty Towing
    Passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks with GVW of 7,000 lbs. or less

    Medium Duty Towing
    Passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks with GVW of 7,001 lbs. to 10,0000 lbs.

    Heavy Duty Towing
    Mid-size vehicles, delivery trucks, utility vehicles, motor-homes, parcel trucks, ambulances, small dump trucks, landscape trucks, flatbed and stake trucks, refrigerated and box trucks, small and medium school busses with GVW of 10,001 lbs. to 26,000 lbs.

    Super Heavy Duty Towing
    Large vehicles, large delivery trucks, motor-coaches, refuse trucks, cement mixers and tractor-trailer combinations with GVW of 26,001 and over
    20-39 Ton Wrecker
    40-60 Ton Wrecker
    30-85 Ton Rotator Wrecker

  3. Additional Labor

    The rates shown herein include the services of one man (the driver). If additional labor is essential and/or required, such additional labor shall be provided by the carrier at the rate of $50.00 per hour per helper. The minimum charge for such labor shall be $50.00 per helper and is only allowable when a laborer is essential to towing and/or recovery services. This rate is to include any transportation for the laborer to and from an accident scene.

  4. Additional Charge for Sundays, Evenings and Holidays

    Due to overtime wages paid on weekends, evenings (5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.) and all federal holidays, an additional charge of $15.00 per hour shall be added to all charges provided in paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) above when said services are performed on weekends, evenings and federal holidays and only if such overtime wages are paid.

  5. Storage

    Whenever vehicles are towed by a carrier to the carrier's place of business, storage shall be provided as follows:

    Vehicle Outside Storage
    Per Day
    Inside Storage
    Per Day
    Automobiles (Passenger Cars) and Trucks with GVW of 7,500 lbs. or less $25.00 $30.00
    Trucks with GVW of 7,501 to 10,000 lbs. $30.00 $35.00
    Trucks with GVW of 10,001 lbs. or more $35.00 $41.00
    Semi-trailers and Buses $47.00 $83.00
    Cargo (if stored outside of original transport container unit)
    Refrigerated Cargo


  6. Special Rates for High Risk Exposure

    A flat charge of $750.00 per accident or incident or chemical spill shall apply whenever there is a "high risk exposure" payable only if an environmental team is called in to access the situation. This charge is in addition to all other applicable rates and charges. High risk exposure means and includes any for-hire transportation of a vehicle or part thereof, wherein a wrecker operator (see note below) or an employee thereof, in responding to an accident or chemical spill involving said vehicle is exposed to any waste material, substance, or other item listed as a "hazardous material," "specific chemical waste" or "chemical" in 49 C.F.R Section 172.101 or in excess of vehicle’s operating system.

    Note: Unless it has received an identification number from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and has complied with applicable West Virginia Department of Highways procedures, a company may not legally clean up, store or transport hazardous waste. Any hazardous waste, hazardous material or hazardous substance spilled from its container upon the ground surface becomes a hazardous waste.

  7. Special Rates for Bio-Hazardous Exposure

    A flat charge of $250.00 per accident or incident shall apply whenever there is a "bio-hazardous waste or material exposure." The bio-hazardous waste or material exposure must be documented by the tow operator in the event of a complaint. Bio-hazardous waste or material, also called infectious waste or biomedical waste, is any waste containing infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood. Of special concern are sharp wastes such as needles, blades, glass pipettes, and other wastes that can cause injury during handling.

  8. Specialilzed/Ancillary Equipment

    The following rates apply to the use of specialized/ancillary equipment necessary in performing safe and efficient recovery in major towing and recovery work. Items must be justified for use. For information about prorated charges, see Rules and Regulations

    Material Handling Equipment $150.00 per hour
    Rate to include any heavy duty equipment required to assist in the recovery of the vehicle and/or Cargo, such as but not limited to, Bobcat/Skid Steer Loader, forklifts, backhoes, end-loaders, etc. Rate to include operator and no additional laborer rate shall be charged. Rate to include operator and transportation of equipment to and from accident scene.
    Cargo Transportation $125.00 per hour
    Rates to include any equipment needed in the recovery, transportation and maintaining the integrity of cargo, such as, but not limited to, refrigerated trailer, lowboy trailer and/or traveling axle, box trucks, dump trucks and roll-off equipment. Rate to include operator.
    Air Cushions $1,200.00 per hour
    No additional charge for transportation of equipment to and from accident scene.
    Gate/Reopen Fee $50.00 flat rate
    The Gate/Reopen Fee is applicable after business hours and only when the towing company is closed and there is no administrative employee present or on duty to release an impounded vehicle. The fee applies only when an administrative employee or company representative must report to the impound lot when the business is closed specifically to release a vehicle. The person requesting release of the vehicle in this circumstance must be informed of the fee in advance. If the towing company refuses to release vehicle due to “after hours,” no storage shall be charged for days of refusal.
    Scene Lighting (diesel powered) $300.00 flat rate
    Commercial and/or major recovery accidents.
    Tow Dollies $50.00 flat rate
    Scene/Accident Coordinator $75.00 per hour
    This rate is only to be charged on commercial accidents that require multiple wreckers and/or multiple pieces of specialized equipment to be used in recovery. This rate is not to be applied for traffic control at the scene of the accident or any type of administrative duties at the accident and/or at the towing company’s facility.
    Administration Fee 5% of service
    Excludes fuel surcharge and storage fee.
    Sub-Contracted Services Fee Cost plus 15%
    Copy of contract must be kept on file.
    Non-Reusable Cleanup Fee Cost plus 10%
    A copy of purchase invoice must be kept on file.
    Rental Equipment Fee Cost plus 15%
    When charging Rental Equipment Fee at cost plus 15%, towing company may also charge for the operator of equipment separately unless the cost of rental plus 15% fee and cost of laborer exceed the hourly rate for material handling equipment, at which time tow company will charge the material handling rate per hour. A copy of the rental contract and/or receipt must be kept on file. No rental equipment fee is to be applied when there is a mutual-aid contract for vehicles or equipment or when a company is using another company’s vehicles (trucks, wreckers and/or rotator).


  1. The rates provided herein shall apply to the transportation by wrecker (tow) truck of wrecked and/or disabled motor vehicles over the public highways.
  2. All hourly rates provided herein shall be calculated from the time the carrier leaves his base of operation to the final towing destination and available for the next service and, except as otherwise provided, shall be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Except in the case where a wrecker operator is patrolling a privately owned parking lot by contract, the starting time of the applicable tow rate shall be calculated from the time the actual tow operation begins.
  3. Except as otherwise provided herein, all mileage rates shall be the highway miles, according to the official State Highway Map issued by the West Virginia Department of Highways, via the shortest regularly-traveled available highway routes unless a longer route is specifically requested by the customer.
  4. Carriers are required to allow all third-party tow customers to obtain their personal possessions (any personal item that is not attached to the vehicle). Items not to be included are, but are not limited to, stereo, battery, license plate, etc., from towed vehicles without payment of all or part of their respective tow bills.
  5. The storage fee provided herein shall accrue at the beginning of each day (excluding the day the vehicle is delivered to the storage facility). In calculating the total applicable storage charge, a day shall be each 24 hour period commencing at the start of the next business day and shall apply only if the vehicle has not been retrieved before the carrier’s normal close of business on the day the vehicle is delivered to the carrier’s storage facility. Provided, however, that for the vehicles arriving at the storage facility after 1:00 p.m., the storage fee may not be applied if the vehicle is retrieved on or before 1:00 p.m. on the next business day.
  6. Carriers shall maintain adequate records to allow expeditious periodic review of their compliance with this tariff. Such records must include, but are not limited to, sequentially numbered invoices, a copy of which must be provided to each customer and a copy of which must be retained for a period of at least two (2) years by the carrier.
  7. If a vehicle has been hooked with hoisting apparatus or loaded by the wrecker service and the vehicle has not left the premises and the owner or operator produces the ignition key and removes the vehicle immediately, the applicable tow charge shall not exceed one-half (1/2) the otherwise minimum charge as set forth in the applicable tariff.