Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides technical recommendations in cases before the Commission, including rate requests, quality of service or billing disputes, engineering agreements, alternate main line extensions, certificates of convenience and necessity, mergers and acquisitions of utilities, service territory disputes, general investigations of utility operations and other cases requiring engineering expertise. Engineering staff members provide technical assistance to customers and utility companies including supervising and certifying utility meter tests, conducting water pressure tests, investigating voltage levels, investigating taste and odor problems in water, odor and back-up inquiries for sewer, leak detection services, opinions on utility construction estimates and other technical tasks. The Engineering Division also provides recommendations on the merits of proposed water and sewer projects to the West Virginia Infrastructure & Jobs Development Council (WVIJDC), information and assistance to governmental entities around the state, and technical training for public service districts board members and staff.

Gas Pipeline Safety Section Information

Telephone Directory

Name Number
  Earl Melton   Director   304-340-0392
  Julia Caton   Office Assistant   304-340-0465
  Victoria Trent   Secretary   304-340-0370

Utility Regulation Section

    Manager   304-340-0331
  Jeff Bennett     304-340-0313
  Ralph Clark      304-340-0455
  Eric deGruyter      304-340-0388
  Ingrid Ferrell      304-340-0335
  Craig Miller      304-340-0353
  John Mottesheard      304-340-0399
  Wayne Perdue      304-340-0493
  Donald Walker      304-340-0434
  David Dove   Manager   304-340-0436
  Lisa Bailey      304-340-0499
  Jonathan Fowler      304-340-0491
  David Holley      304-340-0328
  Kristopher Huff      304-340-0443
  Mansour Mashayekhi      304-340-0428
  Jim Spurlock      304-340-0357
  Sylvie Steranka      304-340-0466
  Jim Weimer      304-340-0476

Gas Pipeline Safety Section

  David Hippchen  Manager   304-340-0393

Gas Pipeline Safety Inspectors

  Girija Bajpayee      304-340-0465
  Corey Boggess      304-340-0814
  Ed Clarkson      304-340-0465
  William Youse      304-340-0878
  Fax      304-340-0452

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