Utilities Division

The Utilities Division provides accounting, financial, economic and other technical analysis of Commission cases and processes rate and other filings made by electric and natural gas utilities, solid waste carriers, taxis, limousine services, household goods movers, wrecker operators and commercial solid waste facilities. This Division is also responsible for addressing formal customer complaints filed against natural gas and electric utilities and informal complaints dealing with other regulated utility services. The Utilities Division Staff specializes in matters related to telecommunications and cable television regulation.

The Utilities Division also prepares original financial and statistical reports, including reports on utility earnings, rate comparisons, gas and electric supply/demand forecasts and low income rate discount programs.

Telephone Directory

Utilities Division
Name Number
  Cheryl Ranson   Director   304-340-0421
  Mike Dailey   Utilities Analyst   304-340-0495
  Brandi Murray   Office Support   304-340-0365
  Lynn Scott   Admin. Secretary   304-340-0350
  Mandy VanMeter   Secretary   304-340-0326
  Paul Stewart      304-340-0771
  Fax     304-340-0326
  Fax     304-340-0462
Carrier and Consumer Operations Section
  Michael Fletcher   Deputy Director   304-340-0367
  Brenda Sovine   Secretary   304-340-0458
  Jill Bevins   Office Support   304-340-0415
  Fax     304-340-0462
Informal Complaints
  Carla Nelson   Supervisor   1-800-642-8544
  Shannon Foutche     1-800-642-8544
  Teresa Sanders     1-800-642-8544
  Cindy Pauley     1-800-642-8544
  Diane Ellis     1-800-642-8544
  Amy Williams     1-800-642-8544
  Eleanor Young     1-800-642-8544
  Fax     304-340-0452
  Fax     304-340-0462
Motor Carrier
  Steve Kaz   Supervisor   304-340-0760
  Stacy Beller     304-340-0444
  Dwayne Bevins     304-340-0449
  Robert Cadle     304-340-0419
  Bill Flenner     304-340-0496
  Dave Rupel     304-340-0765
  Fax     304-340-0326
Telecommunications and Cable TV
  Kevin Jennings   Supervisor   304-340-0442
  David Howell     304-340-0451
  David Kennedy     304-340-0761
  Tara Gilkey 304-340-0420
  Dana Schultz     304-340-0344
  Steve Wilson     304-340-0492
  Fax     304-340-0326
Audit, Finance and Rates Section
  Diane Davis   Deputy Director   304-340-0369
Case Audits
  Tom Sprinkle   Manager   304-340-0345
Long-Term Audits
  Ed Oxley   Supervisor   304-340-0360
  Alex Kovarik     304-340-0358
  Kelly Langley     304-340-0869
  Ally Clark     304-340-0868
  Anthony Gray     304-340-0768
Short-Term Audits
  Dave Pauley   Supervisor   304-340-0439
  Juan Arboleda     304-340-0352
  Aaron Pillar     304-340-0816
  Lindsey Randolph     304-340-0435
Revenue Requirements and Issues
  Dixie Kellmeyer   Manager   304-340-0762
  John Harper     304-340-0354
  Karen Buckley     304-340-0470
  Brian Dworsky     304-340-0773
  Jonathan McGuire     304-340-0460
19A Case Section
  William Nelson   Manager   304-340-0445
  Troy Eggleton     304-340-0397
  Pete Lopez     304-340-0823
  Fax     304-340-0462

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