Informal Request

Instructions for Electronically Filing a Request for Assistance

  1. What is a Request for Assistance?

    A Request for Assistance allows the consumer to seek informal assistance regarding a specific service complaint against a West Virginia public utility such as quality of service, initiations of service, and billing disputes. This is not the appropriate form for filing general comments or comments specific to a formal case. To file such comments please Submit a Comment.

    Should you have an emergency or a termination, do not use this form.

    Call our toll free number: 1-800-642-8544.

  2. What about Requests involving a Utility?

    Any time you have a problem with a utility or the utility services you are receiving,  contact the utility in question! If your problem is regarding a bill, please notify the utility immediately. If after discussing your concerns with the utility representative, you believe the company is unreasonable or you are unable to resolve your problem, you may contact the Commission for assistance.

  3. How do I file an electronic Request for Assistance?

    Simply CLICK on the link below. This will take you to our form. Please look over the form carefully, paying close attention to the required fields. Fill out the form, review your answers. Make any necessary changes and click the SUBMIT button.

    Please Note: by submitting a Request, you are allowing us to contact the company(ies) noted, AND you are agreeing to allow the company(ies) to share with us information about YOUR account. If you do NOT want us to have information about your account or discuss your account with the utility, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THIS REQUEST.

  4. What happens once my Request is filed?

    Your Request is submitted by email to our office. Your Request will then be assigned to the appropriate PSC division and staff. Someone from our office will then contact you.

  5. Ready to Submit your Request?

    If you wish to submit your request for assistance  Click Here  to enter your information.