Mission Statement of the Public Service Commission

We support and promote a utility regulatory and transportation safety environment that balances the interests of all parties and pursues excellence through quality. We do so to ensure that reasonably priced and reliable utility services are available to all customers, and to increase business investment, job creation/retention, and the state’s overall economic competitiveness.

Vision Statement of the Public Service Commission

With the support of its skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia will continue to be a nationally recognized leader in utilities regulation and transportation safety. We will work tirelessly to assure:

1. Impartial and efficient resolution of all jurisdictional issues;

2. Public safety through inspections of motor carriers, railroads, and natural gas pipelines;

3. An increase in business investment, job creation/retention and the state’s overall competitiveness;

4. An improvement in the standard of living and quality of life for the people of West Virginia;

5. That consumers receive the best value in utility service from financially viable and technically competent companies; and,

6. That utilities receive an opportunity to earn a fair return on their investment in regulated services.


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