Purchased Gas Adjustment Cases/30C Rates

Under the Commission’s Rule 30C procedures, natural gas utilities are entitled to file annually to adjust the purchased gas component of their rates. This purchased gas adjustment procedure (PGA) allows the gas utility to recover the costs it pays suppliers for the gas it delivers to gas customers, but does not include any profit for the company. PGA proceedings provide for annual rate adjustments based on an estimate of future costs utilities will pay for gas from their suppliers for the period of November 1 through October 30 of the following year and a true-up of actual costs for the previous year. The PGA cost of purchased gas varies depending on the natural gas utility and, on average, is currently between 35-48% of a typical residential natural gas utility bill.

The prices that natural gas utilities pay their suppliers for gas are not regulated by either the Commission or any Federal government agency, but are determined by the national market. Over recent years, the market-driven price can be and has been extremely volatile, largely resulting from the supply advantage resulting from the availability of Marcellus gas in the market and other external factors.

Company Number of Customers 2016 Rate/Mcf
A.V. Gas 67 $0.708
Blacksville Oil & Gas 283 $3.569
Bluefield Gas 3,479 $3.9054
Canaan Valley Gas 562 $2.64
Consumers Gas Utility 8,358 $2.494
Dominion Hope 111,907 $2.662
Lumberport-Shinnston Gas 3,265 $3.664
Mountaineer Gas 217,101 $4.32
Peoples Gas WV 12,834 $3.06
Southern Public Service 6,344 $2.94
Standard Gas 404 $3.996
Union Oil & Gas 6,130 $4.036