PSC Jurisdiction over the Natural Gas Industry

The Public Service Commission Regulates rates and charges of investor owned natural gas companies such as Mountaineer Gas Company, Bluefield Gas Company, Equitable Gas Company and Hope Gas.

The Commission also regulates the reasonableness of acts, practices and service of all natural gas utilities, including:

  1. Natural gas practices in relation to safety
  2. Basic service issues, including termination of service, extensions of service and service requests
  3. Meter and billing accuracy
  4. Transportation of natural gas by utilities and intrastate pipelines, including pipeline safety issues and transmission line safety inspections
  5. Territorial disputes

If found unreasonable, the Commission can establish reasonable acts, practices or services to be followed by the utility in the future.

As the designated agent of the federal government, the Commission monitors the safety of certain interstate pipeline transportation and facilities.

The Public Service Commission does not regulate natural gas production1; interstate pipeline siting2; liquid propane gas sold in individual tanks to users; or gasoline. The Commission has no authority to award claims for monetary damages3.

Prices deregulated by Congress. WV Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) has oversight of environmental regulations.

Regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Compensation for damages would be negotiated with the utility, pursued in the state court system or covered by the customer’s insurance company.