PSC Jurisdiction over the Railroad Industry

The Public Service Commission is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal and state safety regulations governing the transportation of persons and property by rail. Inspection activities focus primarily on five major aspects of the railroad:

  1. Tracks;
  2. Signals and train control including wayside signals and highway/rail grade crossings;
  3. Hazardous materials;
  4. Motive power and equipment, including cars and engines; and
  5. Operating practices including engineers’ licenses, log books and the trains’ paperwork.

Commission railroad inspectors conduct inspections, write up any violations and turn the violations over to the Federal Railroad Administration for collection. Inspectors also investigate complaints from the public or railroad industry.

In an effort to reduce the number of grade crossing accidents, the Public Service Commission has assumed responsibility for the West Virginia Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (WVOL) program.