Executive Secretary Division

The Executive Secretary Division maintains a complete record of all proceedings, acts, orders and judgments of the Commission and assures that documents and pleadings in cases are available to the public in a timely fashion on the Commission website at www.psc.state.wv.us. The Division receives, processes and maintains in safe custody all documents, maps and papers filed in formal cases on the Commission's docket, processes all orders and schedules statewide hearings for the Commission and the ALJ Division.

The Executive Secretary Division receives and maintains all statutory records required for the Commission, including annual reports from regulated utilities; reviews utility reports for accuracy and compliance; processes all Commission Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; receives and processes all formal complaints filed with the Commission, either online, by US Mail or in person; issues all tariffs for rate cases; and, when necessary, issues subpoenas at the direction of the Commission.

The entire Web Docket of the Commission, including copies of all Orders, filings and case documents are available to any interested person, without cost, online. This database separately lists each case on the formal docket and contains PDF files of every non-confidential document filed in each case. Documents filed in formal cases can be accessed, reviewed and copied within one hour of being docketed, scanned and linked to the Commission's website. This docketing and scanning is accomplished throughout the day. The Executive Secretary Division also processes all electronic case subscriptions through the Commission website, allowing individuals to receive daily electronic notification of all activity, including Recommended Decisions and Orders, in any docketed case. The public hearing schedule and logistical information pertaining to docketed cases is also available online.

If the individual has a link associated with their name you can send them an email using our internal form.

Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Executive Secretary
Toll Free In-State   (800) 344-5113
Utility Complaints   (800) 642-8544
Fax   (304) 340-0325
Acting Executive Secretary (304) 340-0426
Supervisor/Public Hearings, Motor Carrier Section (304) 340-0377
Tariffs (304) 340-0425
Imaging Operator (304) 340-0772
Copy Room (304) 340-0384
Docket Officer (304) 340-0343
Copy Requests / Archives (304) 340-0378
Copy Room  
Copy Room (304) 340-0488
Originals / Copy Requests / Archives (304) 340-0376
Annual Reports (304) 340-0361
Supervisor (304) 340-0437
Mail Room (304) 340-0408