Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is comprised of the Budgets and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Management and Training sections.

The Budgets and Finance Section prepares budgets; provides fiscal review and control; processes travel expenses, payables and receivables; oversees all procurement activities; ensures fixed assets are properly recorded; and acquires funding through assessment of public utilities from grants and other programs. This Section is also responsible for managing the Commission's annually appropriated special revenue budget, federal funds, non-appropriated special revenue funds and the E-911 fees for the State of West Virginia.

The Human Resources Section oversees employee hiring and separations, administers employee benefit programs and handles other personnel related activities. This Section also administers the personnel budget by processing payroll tax and benefit transactions for Commission employees.

The Information Technology Section is responsible for managing the Commission's technical assets. Duties include overseeing the Commission's computer system and service desk needs in conjunction with the State Office of Technology and providing programming, database system, web design, training, support and other technical assistance.

The Facilities Management Section oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the Commission's buildings and parking garage. This Section also manages the Commission's vehicle fleet.

The Training Section is responsible for coordinating and providing education and skills training for Commission employees and for maintaining training records for the agency. This Section also coordinates certain training seminars provided by the Commission for utilities' staffs throughout the State.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Administrative Division
Fax   (304) 340-3753
Fax - HR/Payroll and Benefits   (304) 340-0850
Fax - Information Technology   (304) 340-0864
Fax - Purchasing   (304) 340-3742
Security   (304) 340-0433
Director (304) 340-0356
Benefits/Payroll (304) 340-0390
Housekeeping (304) 340-0825
Facilities/Receiving (304) 340-0423
Purchasing (304) 340-0333
Training (304) 340-3741
Finance/Budget (304) 340-0364
Administrative Secretary (304) 340-0341
Accounts Payable (304) 340-0322
Facilities/Ground Management (304) 340-0825
Human Resources (304) 340-0324
Accounts Receivable (304) 340-0441
Information Technology Section
Manager (304) 340-0778
Programmer/Analyst (304) 340-0489
Programmer/Analyst (304) 340-0349
Programmer/Analyst (304) 340-0309
Motor Carrier Systems Administrator (304) 340-0329