Commission and Staff

The Commission regulates the rates, charges, acts and practices of those persons, firms and governmental subdivisions that provide certain public services, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, solid waste disposal (landfills), gas pipeline safety and, to some extent, the transportation of persons and property for hire over the public highways of the State. Motor carriers regulated by the Commission include taxi service, specialized limousine service, solid waste, transportation service and third-party towing. The Commission sets statewide policies for utility regulation through rulemaking proceedings, investigates the acts and practices of regulated utilities, recommends statutory changes that affect utilities and the Commission, and sets the administrative policies for the agency.

The Office of the Commission includes the Commissioners and the Quality Assurance, Communications and Government Relations Divisions and support personnel.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Charlotte R. Lane Chairman (304) 340-0306
Shonette McGlothlin Secretary to Commissioner / Chairman (304) 340-0303
Renee Larrick Commissioner (304) 340-0307
Lynada Woods Secretary to Commissioner Larrick (304) 340-0307
Bill Raney Commissioner (304) 340-0303
Christine Minardi Secretary to Commissioner Raney (304) 340-0303
Commission Staff
Federal Advisor (304) 340-0843
Secretary (304) 340-0301
Utilities Analyst 5 (304) 340-0336
Director of Communications (304) 340-0820
Public Information Specialist (304) 340-0836
Executive Assistant (304) 340-0822
Facilities Manager (304) 340-0825
Office Assistant (304) 340-0493
Housekeeping (304) 340-0825
Building Maintenance (304) 340-0872
Fax   (304) 340-3758