Gas Pipeline Safety Division

The Gas Pipeline Safety Division is responsible for the application and enforcement of pipeline safety regulations under Chapter 24B of the West Virginia Code and 49 U.S.C. Chapter 601, §60105(a), relating to certification with the U.S. Department of Transportation. These rules and regulations relate to design, construction, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of pipeline facilities within the State. The Pipeline Safety Division also investigates pipeline accidents or incidents involving the transportation and distribution of natural gas and hazardous liquids by pipeline.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Gas Pipeline Safety
24 Hour Emergency Reporting (Operators Only)   (304) 340-0486
Fax   (304) 340-0452
Director (304) 340-0770
Manager (304) 340-0813
Gas Pipeline Safety Inspectors
Inspector (304) 340-0813
Inspector (304) 340-0814
Inspector (304) 340-0393
Inspector (304) 340-0399
Inspector (304) 340-0878
Inspector (304) 340-0417