Legal Division

The Legal Division provides legal opinions to the Commission in its legislatively-mandated mission in matters relating to public utilities brought before the Commission for adjudication and resolution. The Legal Division represents the Commission’s Technical and Financial Analysts in proceedings brought before the Commission and Administrative Law Judges. The Legal Division also defends Commission Orders that are appealed to the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. As needed, the Legal Division represents the Commission before State and Federal Courts and other State and Federal agencies including the WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In addition to working on formal cases, the Legal Division assists other Commission divisions in developing responses to utility customers and utility company inquiries.

The Commission’s Legal Division does not represent individual complainants in matters before the Commission, but the Legal Division and the Technical and financial Analysts review the positions of all parties to a proceeding and then present a recommendation for disposition of the matter.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Legal Division
Phone   (304) 340-0317
Fax   (304) 340-0840
Director (304) 340-0338
Supervising Attorney (304) 340-0368
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0311
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0763
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0334
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0435
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0831
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0409
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0475
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0464
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0336
Staff Attorney (304) 340-0431
Secretary (304) 340-0363
Secretary (304) 340-0766
Secretary (304) 340-0342
Secretary (304) 340-0332