Transportation Administration Division

The Transportation Administration Division consists of three operating sections: Motor Carrier, Hazardous Material Registration and Coal Resource Transportation System.

The Motor Carrier Section conducts registration of intrastate and interstate motor carriers and collects intrastate and interstate assessments, filing fees for intrastate authority, insurance fees and HazMat (hazardous materials) assessments. Prior to 2008 Single State Registration (SSRS) generated the majority of fees for this section. However, that program has been disbanded by Congress. In its place, the Unified Carrier Registration Plan and Agreement (UCR) is in effect and continues to be a work in progress.

The Hazardous Material Registration Section is responsible for registration of hazardous material transported in West Virginia and is responsible for a multi-state project that provides for identification, registration and permitting of commercial motor vehicles carrying these materials in West Virginia.

During the 2003 Regular Session of the West Virginia Legislature, weight enforcement responsibility for all commercial motor vehicles was transferred from the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) to the Commission. The Commission enforces the CRTS system for permitting vehicles on CRTS roads, those designated routes through 15 West Virginia counties. Coal haulers may purchase a permit through the Commission Transportation Administration Division that will allow for a Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 120,000 pounds depending on their truck configuration. This Section is also responsible for imposing reporting requirements for coal shippers and receivers, especially on the CRTS roads.

Transportation Enforcement Division

The Transportation Enforcement Division consists of four operating sections: Safety Enforcement, Railroad Safety, Special Operations and Logistics.

Officers in the Safety Enforcement Section perform vehicle safety inspections of motor vehicles operated by interstate and intrastate motor and private carriers, commercial motor vehicles and drivers. This Division performs inspections on a routine basis in the enforcement officers' designated work areas and at regional road check sites throughout the State during the warmer months. During the winter months, the officers inspect vehicles at the terminal facilities of intrastate carriers. These officers enforce compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation safety criteria adopted by the Commission.

The Railroad Safety Section is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal and state safety regulations governing the transportation of persons and property by rail. In an effort to reduce the number of grade crossing accidents, the Railroad Safety Section has assumed responsibility for the West Virginia Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (WVOL) program.

The Special Operations Section is responsible for conducting safety audits on West Virginia motor carriers involved in interstate commerce. This section also conducts compliance reviews on non-hazardous material intrastate motor carriers. Special Operations is also responsible for the Special Patrol Unit charged with addressing high commercial vehicle accident areas within the state of West Virginia.

The Logistics Sections is responsible for the procurement and inventory of all supplies and equipment to support the Transportation Enforcement Division. This Section also installs and maintains all electronic equipment used by the Transportation Enforcement Division.

The Logistics Section consists of a manager and support staff of three persons. The responsibility of this section is the procurement and inventory of all supplies and equipment to support the Transportation Enforcement Division. This section also installs and maintains all electronic equipment used by the Transportation Enforcement Division.

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Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Director (304) 340-0484
Deputy Director (304) 340-0474
Transportation - Administration Division
Secretary (304) 340-0811
Motor Carrier Section
Supervisor (304) 340-0427
Office Support (304) 340-0812
Office Support (304) 340-0418
Interstate Registration (304) 340-0346
Coal Resource Transportation System
Supervisor (304) 340-0371
Supervisor (304) 340-0385
  (304) 340-0846
Inspector (304) 340-0827
Transportation - Enforcement Division
Electronic Technician (304) 558-6355
Electronic Technician (304) 558-6355
Fax   (304) 340-3755
Complaints   (866) SEE-TRUX
Fax   (304) 340-0828
Special Operations - Regions Combined
Reggie Bunner Manager  
Jon Cline Supervisor  
Ernest George Supervisor  
Carl Sanders Supervisor  
Brock Vanorsdale Supervisor  
Lisa Carpenter Secretary  
Administrative Secretary (304) 340-0485
Secretary (304) 340-0818
Special Operations - Regions Combined
Alan Abbott Hazmat Registration  
Pasco Altovilla, II    
Jeffrey Birch    
Teresa Blankenship Office Assistant  
Jeffrey Dean    
Scott Dilly    
Charles Dyer    
Curtis Dytzel    
Matthew Epling    
Steve Flinn    
Carl Freeman    
James Haas    
Timothy Helmick    
Terry Shrader    
Richard Wood    
Railroad Safety Section
Manager (304) 340-0432
Railroad Safety Field Inspectors 304-340-0432
Richard Chapman    
Dwight Icenhower    
Roger Lipscomb    
Eric McEwuen    
David Miller    
Leandria Reed    
Kester Roth    
Wayne Sexton    
Jeremy Shaffer    
Supervisor (304) 340-0818
Supervisor (304) 340-0818
Manager (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0817
Safety Loss Control Specialist (304) 340-0821
  (304) 340-0817
  (304) 340-0817
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0817
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0817
  (304) 340-0818
Paralegal/Grants Coordinator (304) 340-0472
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0817
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818
Manager (304) 340-0391
Enforcement Officer (304) 340-0818
  (304) 340-0818