Water and Wastewater Division

The Water and Wastewater Division provides advice and assistance to Class B, C and D water and sewer public service districts, municipalities and associations. They also investigate informal complaints, respond to customer requests for information, respond to water and wastewater utility inquiries for technical, operational, financial and regulatory assistance, and conduct seminars.

If the individual has a link associated with their name, then you can send them an email, using our internal form.

Telephone Directory
Name Title Number
Fax   (304) 340-3759
Director (304) 340-0366
Administrative Secretary (304) 340-0459
Secretary (304) 340-0440
Assistance Section
Manager (304) 340-0445
Utilities Analyst (304) 340-0479
Utilities Analyst (304) 340-0769
Utilities Analyst (304) 340-0870
Utilities Analyst (304) 340-0473
Supervisor (304) 340-0826
Consumer Affairs Technician (304) 340-0321
Consumer Affairs Technician (304) 340-0467
Consumer Affairs Technician (304) 340-0379