Gas Pipeline Safety Operator Reporting - Launch Page

Welcome to the Public Service Commission of West Virginia: Gas Pipeline Safety Division - Operator Reporting Portal. This page provides the pipeline operators of the State of West Virginia the opportunity to submit to the Gas Pipeline Safety Division in a timely and efficient manner all reports including, but not limited to; Annual reports, Incident /Accident reports, Construction Notifications, Completion reports, Plans and Procedures, Mechanical Fitting reports, and any other required or requested documents.

Pipeline operators can submit documents through the following pages after entering the password provided by Gas Pipeline Safety. If you have not been provided a password please contact us toll free at 1-800-344-5113 or 304-340-0486 during regular business hours. An operator identification number (OpID) will be required before receiving the password.

We hope you find this portal an easy and convenient resource and we welcome any feedback regarding this reporting method.

Please enter the code you received from the Gas Pipeline section in the box below: