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Case Number:  09-0770-E-CN CLOSED
Case Name:  PATH West Virginia Transmission Company, LLC; PATH Allegheny Transmission Company, LLC; PATH-WV Land Acquisition Company; and PATH-Allegheny Land Acquisition Company
Case Descr:  Joint application for Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the construction and operation of the West Virginia segments of a 765kV electric transmission line and related facilities in Putnam, Kanawha, Roane, Calhoun, Braxton, Lewis, Upshur, Barbour, Tucker, Preston, Grant, Hardy, Hampshire, and Jefferson Counties, including modifications to the Amos Substation in Putnam County and a new substation in Hardy County, and for related relief.
Filed:  05/15/2009  Last Reopened:  06/30/2011 Closed:  09/07/2011
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Deadline:  02/09/2012  Effective Date: 
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Exceptions:  Pet Recons:  09/17/2011   

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