Notifications from water utilities of Mandatory Water Conservation Measures (GO 188.5) and/or Unscheduled Interruption of Service (PSC Rule 4.12).
    To review information on older Mandatory Water Conservation Measures, please see GO 188.5.
         (5 records)
Case Number  Notice Filed  Lifted  County   
WCM Preston County PSD #1 19A  09/27/2019    Preston Activities 
  Preston County Public Service District No. 1 

Water Conservation filing

WCM Pennsboro 19A  02/06/2019    Ritchie Activities 
  City of Pennsboro and Ellenboro-Lamberton Public Service District 

Water conservation filing

WCM Pine Grove 17A  07/28/2017  01/30/2018  Wetzel Activities 
  Town of Pine Grove 

Water Conservation filing

WCM Keyser 12A  09/12/2012  09/26/2012  Activities 
  City of Keyser 

Local Water Rationing Plan

WCM New Cumberland 11A  07/07/2011  09/13/2012  Activities 
  City of New Cumberland 

Water Conservation Filing